20 Paris Neighborhoods: The Ultimate Breakdown Of Arrondissements

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Pinterest Paris mapThe biggest concern every traveler encounters when planning a trip to Paris is deciding which neighborhood to call your home away from home. With 20 arrondissements (districts) to sift through, each one has a different culture, population and sights to see. Here are three important things to know:

  1. Rive Droite (Right Bank) refers to the northern part of the Seine river, while Rive Gauche (Left Bank) refers to all the arrondissements in the southern part of the river. 
  2. 20 arrondissements are arranged in the form of a clockwise spiral, beginning with the first one in the center.
  3. It’s unfair to say that Left Bank is better than the Right Bank or vise versa. But as a traveler, I’d highly recommend looking for hotels or Airbnb in these arrondissements: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th and 11th. Go through the descriptions below and you’ll see why!

1st Arrondissement / Right Bank (mostly)

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“Heathers: The Musical” musical review

This post is gonna contain lots of quotes from the musical because it’s so very! (if it’s in bold letters, it’s a quote)

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‘Into the Woods’ movie review

Okay, first thing, this a review for the 2014 MOVIE! Not the musical, I will have a review for that later 🙂

I was super excited for this movie! I was counting down the days for it! I listened to the soundtrack about 24601 times! In the theatre I was singing along to the prologue song!  The people sitting around me and were getting kind of annoyed…whoops. But it was worth it!  Continue reading

‘Carrie’ movie/musical/book review

For the past 20 minutes, I was staring at the title of this post. I could not decide what to category to put it in. Carrie, as many people know, is not only a movie (Carrie has 2 version of the movie), but it’s also a book and a musical. As you can see, I was in a fix when I was choosing which category it should go in. In the end, I decided that it will title it after/discuss all 3 versions of this great work.  Continue reading

‘Next to Normal’ musical review

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